Friday, November 9, 2012

Loving our place.

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head but my Momma told me if I couldn't say anything nice, not to say anything at all sooooo, I have been deeply processing things here on the homefront. So without further ado, I will just share our goings on around here!

A few weeks ago a special deal came through Living Social for a maze not too close from our home. We had yet to enjoy a corn maze since we have had a baby or new walker so it felt a bit more for us to chew than we were comfortable with. So when this deal came through for a smaller, more entry level maze we knew it was time. That Saturday when we decided to go it was a blustery day before Hurricane Sandy hit. Somehow even through the grey, it was a wonderful day. 

The tractor gave us a hayride through the farm area and all of us were happy.  Dog + tractor = heaven for one toddler boy.

Acres and acres of corn were pulling us in.

What happens when you have a kid who only likes to eat corn? You have one sad boy who doesn't understand that you can't steal all of the corn for yourself.

There were twists and turns and the temps were dropping quickly!

A house divided.

Stinker always gets what he wants!

We got to our first dead end.

And another one...

But we sure had fun working through the turns.

Overcast days always remind me of my birthplace of California. It was a perfect cool fall day.

And finally! Success!

And an ever so scarce family picture. We all do exist!

Back to the barn led to some fun exploring of the pumpkins.

We had so much fun at our smaller scale maze. It was just perfect for us! If anyone local ever thinks to go to Clodbuster Farms in Kernersville, you won't be disappointied!

Happy Weekending!

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