Saturday, August 4, 2012


I don't think I have put on one bit of makeup for the past two months. Seriously. Ok, maybe the bit I threw on in the car on the way to church on Sunday counts but for the most part, people have had to put up with my God given face. There doesn't seem much point in it since most of this summer has been spent up at the pool. You would think that with the absence from this little space that we fell in and were not retrieved but we are all alive and well. 

This is the second summer where we have spent our mornings and long evenings up at the pool either practicing or keeping cool. This is also the second summer where I have pledged to be a better wife and mother where she is actually prepared with some kind of food to feed us all in the pool rush. I just haven't gotten the hang of it and usually Jon, the awesome man that he is, saves us with Taco Bell.  There is always next year.

But most of all I am proud of our kids.

I am proud of them for working hard, not complaining and giving it their best.  This year they kept up, swam hard and improved so much!

Instead of jumping in feet first, they dove headlong into the water. 

They had fun...

They enjoyed being a part of a team... Always ready to chant Ay, yi yi yi yi pizza pizza pie! Jake has the drill down pat.

They continued good friendships...

And Jake learned a little bit about patience. Practice is easy peasy as he gets to swim too, but during meets we can be at the pool until 9:30pm. Yee haw! soooo not... ;)

But again it gives opportunity to build relationships between siblings. Enjoying moments here and there that will knit their hearts together. I hope there are a lot of "remember when?" conversations for years to come.

You can always count on Kylie to brighten up any mood with her silliness!

After City Meet Kylie mentioned that she wants to swim year round. Well, that won't be our plan this year but I think swimming is such a great sport for them to be involved in. Seeing Jake at the pool now I am sure he will be joining them in a year or two! Our hope is that we can work on strokes over the winter then see how things go for next summer. Now to enjoy a less structured last month of summer before we hit cooler temps. I am soooo ready for a little bit of freedom. 

What are you doing to get the most out of summer? I would love to hear some ideas of ways you are enjoying your heat!

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